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Bella Fitness

About Barre

Barre and Pilates

Realize the dream of the dancer’s body. Raise ballet to the next level as you combine precise techniques with athletic intensity for a total body workout. BELLA BARRE classes offer quick results and a challenging workout that will meet you wherever you are on your fitness journey. No ballet experience required.

In a typical class, Jamie guides her students through a series of low to no-impact exercises that feels like an exploration of the body’s hidden muscles, from the limbs to the core. The method uses body weight, light resistance, tiny movements, and isometric holds to strengthen the small but essential groups of stabilizer muscles. Props  such as bands, balls, free weights and rings can be added to target specific muscle groups. Between sets and different exercises, students stretch to encourage the long lean physique.

"Tucking and lifting my seat up an inch and down an inch didn’t really vibe with me until I began doing the moves correctly and realized how good it burns. This feeling of acceptance was multiplied upon taking Jamie's Bella Barre class."

At Bella Barre, Jamie brings a different perspective to fitness as she strives to take Steamboats’ barre classes to a whole new all-inclusive level.



Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a healthier, stronger, and more flexible you? If so, our Pilates classes are the perfect choice. Designed to take your fitness to the next level, our classes offer a challenging and invigorating workout that not only strengthens your core but also enhances your posture and flexibility.

Why Choose Pilates?

Pilates is more than just a workout; it's a comprehensive approach to improving your overall well-being. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a beginner looking to kickstart your fitness journey, Pilates is an excellent choice for everyone. Here's why you should consider joining our Pilates classes:

  1. Core Strength: Our Pilates classes are renowned for their focus on core strength. By targeting the muscles deep within your abdomen, back, and pelvis, you'll build a strong and stable core. A strong core is not only essential for a sculpted, toned midsection but also for preventing back pain and improving your overall body strength.

  2. Improved Posture: Poor posture can lead to a host of health issues, from muscle tension to spinal misalignment. In our Pilates classes, you'll learn how to engage the right muscles to maintain proper posture in your everyday life. Good posture not only boosts your confidence but also reduces the risk of chronic pain and injury.

  3. Enhanced Flexibility: Flexibility is a key component of physical fitness, and Pilates is known for its ability to increase it. With a variety of stretching exercises and controlled movements, you'll notice improvements in your range of motion and muscle elasticity. Increased flexibility not only enhances your athletic performance but also reduces the risk of injury during other physical activities.

  4. Mind-Body Connection: Pilates places a strong emphasis on the mind-body connection. Through focused breathing and concentration, you'll not only develop physical strength but also mental resilience. Our classes provide a holistic approach to well-being, helping you reduce stress and achieve a state of mindfulness.


Who May Benefit Most From Barre?

Barre workouts are appropriate for individuals of all fitness levels. It is ideal for individuals who wish to improve their core strength and posture. Many of us often sit in a hunched position at a desk or in front of a computer for long periods, and it takes its toll over time. Barre is appropriate for individuals who are seeking an intense but low-impact workout that will offer quick results.

Barre is also best for people who wish to work out their whole body every time they work out. Barre’s focus on small, isolated groups of muscles means that you will most likely be sore after each workout. Both former dancers and also those with no prior dance experience will enjoy and benefit from the upbeat nature of barre workouts.

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